blonde bombshell
Dedicated to the Victoria's Secret supermodel, Candice Swanepoel.

Anonymous said: do most of the vs models get boob implants? cause i know they usually wear pushup bras which make them look bigger.

I don’t think they have boob plants to be honest.

Anonymous said: When will you update?

Right now go look!

Anonymous said: your butt.

Candice’s but.

thatsexystuff said: Yay, you're back.I was worried about you, I thought you might be hurt or something.

Hahaha no, but thank you!

candiceswanepoellove said: Hi dear, I just wanted to say first off I love your blog and Candice! I was just wondering if you could check out my blog and maybe promo me if you like it? If you don't do promos then thats fine, but thanks. (:

Thank you so much! Everyone follow her.

problematicsoul said: Can you post some pictures of Candi with dark hair? please ):

On my to do list!

Anonymous said: When are you coming back?

Were back now :)

Anonymous said: hey! i borrowed a picture from your tumblr of Candice. Of course, I credited you + linked back! Hope its alright. (if not, i`ll take it down)

It’s fine :)

goshthatshot said: Alessandra, Gisele, Adriana, Candice... why the south girls are so freackin' hot?

They’re just so beautiful! haha

Anonymous said: You were the best Candice blog i can't wait for you to return.

Omg thank you so much <3

luxury-kiss-deactivated20140126 said: She's my favorite angel <3 I finally found a blog that dedicates to her and actually updates it!

Haha thank you it’s been a while though!

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